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thillaismasala Thillai’s makes everyday cooking easy and fun. We understand that life can get pretty hectic and cooking can seem to be chore. Thillai’s masala spice powders will gives you the unique and exotic flavors.With Thillai’s everyday meals become so much more fun with our Easy range single serve packs that offer a range of cooking mixes based on regional Tamil Nadu cuisine.
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Thillai’s Easy Chettinad mix is the result of marrying our wildly popular Thillai’s Chettinad Masala to ease and convenience. This all-new pack is now available as a single-serve easy to cook pack that makes it even easier to serve up a quick chicken meal. All you need to do is fry 500g of chicken, add the pack of Thillai’s Easy Chettinad Mix, add water and bring it to boil. Add coconut milk if...
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