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Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka | Spices Exporters in Sri Lanka – COR connects businesses across the globe, bringing together buyers and sellers in one open marketplace, to trade beyond borders and languages. Working through an e-platform, Cord360 operates in 190+ countries and across 40+ industries, and allows you to test out new trade destinations with support of multiple language translations. Cord360 supports the entire value chain by minimizing your hassles with trade documentation, logistics and financial barriers 

Some of the most searched products on Cord360 are:

  • Tea

Rich in flavour, colour and aroma, Ceylon Tea Sri Lanka is considered one of the finest teas the world over. Some of the major buyers of Ceylon Tea Sri Lanka include UAE, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, UK and Japan. Cord360 offers opportunities to Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka to gain access to buyers globally, without the cost and hassle of participating in international trade events.

  • Coconut

There is a huge demand for Coconut Water from Sri Lanka all over the world, due to its many health benefits, especially as it increases metabolism, clears the urinary path and is a natural source of fructose and glucose. Coconut Water from Sri Lanka is exported in bottled form to countries in Europe, Middle East and Australia. If you own a coconut based product business, let Cord360 help you make the right business contacts from around the world, and take your business to the next level.

  • Spices

Sri Lanka has always been famous for its Spice trade, from aromatic and flavourful cinnamon to pepper and turmeric. Spices Exporters in Sri Lanka state that Sri Lankan spices are in great demand for the creation of exquisite international cuisine, as well as for medicinal purposes. Cord360 is the perfect e-platform for Spices Exporters in Sri Lanka to take Sri Lankan Spices to the world, creating more marketing opportunities and a hassle free and never-ending flow of business for spices exports in Sri Lanka.

  • Herbal Products

Ayurveda herbal treatments have been used for healing many diseases as well as for cosmetic purposes since the times of the Kings, and is still used to this day around the world. Ayurveda knowledge is handed down from generation to generation and has been used to create many herbal products in Sri Lanka. Cinnamon and ginger based herbal products from Sri Lanka are in great demand globally. If you are a manufacturer of herbal products in Sri Lanka, then Cord360 is the platform for you! Market your products across the globe to over 190+ countries, and what’s more we can create a unique brand image just for you.

Cord360 is the ultimate platform for any business looking to expand its frontiers beyond languages and borders. Register for free initially with Cord360 and experience the benefits of what we have to offer you, and you can gradually explore the option of becoming a premium member.

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