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Mobile Application Has been revolutionized by the software developers and they put so much effort into making it more advanced to solve problems of business owners & humans. New technologies are introduced to the market every day. That time has gone when the ecosystem of mobile applications was very narrow where each application was developed for a particular native device but with time technology has also grown. 

Today there are many more programming languages that were developed with the purpose of developing a mobile application that can give optimum results in any operating system. Here the list of programming languages for mobile app development.

  1. Java

Java is one of the well-known programming languages and it constantly holds its market value very from the beginning. When it was introduced to the market developers used it for web application development, Back-end & after that it was widely used for android application development.

  1. Python

One of the successful programming languages which has able to make its position in the top 10 programming languages. What makes it successful is that it’s very easy to learn for everyone whether you are a developer or fresher. 

  1. PHP

Php is one of the oldest general-purpose programming languages which was originally designed for website development. Developers can build dynamic websites, web applications, and mobile applications. 

  1. Javascript

Developers can build mobile applications using javascript but there is one condition that needs to be fulfilled is that it must be used with CSS, HTML & AJAX. Knowing the key concepts and principles of javascript can be really helpful in mobile app development.

  1. Kotlin

Kotlin has been praised by modern-day developers a lot because it’s one of JVM based open-source framework that avails flawless integration while developing applications for various android devices.

The process of mobile application development has been also modernized by developers as new technologies and languages discovered and emerged into app development practices. It’s Challenging to find out authentic partners to associate with, although mobile app development company Chicago or around the world.

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