Learning Beyond Boundaries | India takeaways from China | Niren

  • Footwear Design Engineer from India, Niren Anand after his initial career in India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, landed up in China
  • He established Evertrade Group in 2011 manufacturing footwear based at Xiamen, Fujian, China
  • Niren Anand and Smita Anand were the only Indian entrepreneurs from South China participated in BRICS Summit, Xiamen

Despite globalization making multinational presence easy for companies for quite some time, an Indian entrepreneur setting up a company in China is not a common sight to witness. Niren Anand, the founder of the Evertrade group made this a visibly remarkable reality by the way. A design engineer from India, Niren went through his professional sojourns in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, before landing up in China. 

The country did not just become one of his stopovers or relocation destinations, but a country where he started an inspiring journey with Evertrade group, his entrepreneurial venture which is today one of the world’s leading footwear designing and manufacturing company. He started his company in China in 2011. He has since designed and manufactured footwear for big names in the market starting with Fila and supplied to almost all cricket brands in the world including the revered M S Dhoni. His buyers include companies like Polo, Duke, HRX by Hrithik Roshan, many more and enjoy a huge market share among the popular sports brands across the globe.

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