How to Perform a Digital Marketing Audit

Performing digital marketing audits in Melbourne through an experienced Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne is very important in order to get a good understanding of your current performance and to identify where you need to focus your resources for improvement and growth. It will help a great deal if the agency is also a Google Premier Partner in Melbourne, because that would mean they have the experience and know-how regarding Google Ads and all other techniques and tools from Google used in digital marketing.

So how would a professional Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne conduct a digital marketing audit, and what does it include?

Technical SEO – This focuses mainly on the crawlability of a website and about its indexing capabilities by Google, and checking quality of the user experience. Google takes into account many factors for ranking websites, such as page loading time, mobile usability etc. Improving in these areas means that the website gets higher rankings. This is an important part of Ecommerce digital marketing in Melbourne, because if your website doesn’t rank high then there is no way you will gain the visibility you need.

Content Audit – An audit to check which of your pages are ranking and which are not, which keywords are drawing in more traffic, which content is really having a positive effect and which content needs to be taken off. This is an important part of SEM management in Melbourne, and an audit such as this helps you to have effective and engaging content which draws in the traffic and converts these to sales. Any Lead Generation Agency in Melbourne will tell you that effective content is vital for increasing leads, more so for some industries than others, such as lead generation for real estate in Melbourne.

Off-Page SEO – Off-page SEO is also a significant part of SEM Management in Melbourne. An audit involves checking how successful the off-page SEO campaigns are. If you are attracting links for low grade websites, Google can consider your website as a low quality website as well. Through an audit of your off-page SEO and campaigns under SEM management in Melbourne you can also identify broken back links which can then be rectified.

PPC – An agency with expertise in Ecommerce digital marketing in Melbourne, can identify areas where your resources and budget is being wasted on. This can help you take those all important decisions on which campaigns should be eliminated and which ones deserve more spending.

Tracking & Reporting – Tracking is a very important part of conducting digital marketing audits in Melbourne, in order to get a clear understanding of the performance of your digital marketing activities. Even though on the surface your paid ads and other campaigns such as those for lead generation for real estate in Melbourne, could look to be profitable and successful, they can show a very different story when you actually check the analytics.

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