Finding Cheap Custom T Shirt Printing in Singapore

Take a look around, someone within close proximity is probably wearing a customized t shirt. How do you know a customized t-shirt from a regular one? It’s easy – it’s bright, heavily populated with logos that are probably unfamiliar to you and sports a collectivist line about strength, courage or joy at work. These are some of the elements of a customized t-shirt. But that’s not always the case. While custom tees serve as a useful corporate gift, there are families who don’t shy away from wearing their heart on their sleeves and torso.

Singapore is a place where whatever you dream up can come true. It’s innovative, experimental, quick to deliver and slow to disappoint. It’s no different when it comes to their custom t-shirt industry. Burgeoning in the shadow of an ever-growing business economy, Singapore has many interesting options to choose. But with a wide-range of companies dabbling in the t-shirt customizing trade, it could prove difficult to make the right choice. However, if you play by the rules, keep a vigilant eye and know your requirements like the back of your hand, selecting the right name can be a pleasant task. In this article we have tried to assimilate all the ways that can prove helpful when you are looking for affordable and good quality t-shirt printing in Singapore.

Check out company blog

A blog is a great way for a brand to showcase their industry know-how. And it’s a great way for the customer to know them and how deeply and directly they are attached to the sensibilities they claim in their vision and mission statements. A good blog is one in which the brand is not directly talking about or promoting itself. They are instead, focused on sharing their knowledge, helping you sharpen your appreciation of the product in general. If you feel that your knowledge tank has grown after reading a blog, then it’s a sign that, that company will be the right pick for you.

From online testimonials to offline ones

Data is public property. In the times of virtual, global connectivity businesses understand that well. Therefore, they try to maintain and protect their social media handles, press reviews, brand image actively. This means that a customer who is serious about getting real value for their money can now conduct a quick background check by visiting the company’s FB page, Instagram account and press releases (if any). They can see customer grievances or appreciation and if so inclined, get in touch with a customer who was happy with the company and make an informed choice.

Make the right choice

If you want to make choices that are easy on the pocket, here are a few tips you can use to make the right choice:

1. Go for low-costing printing method

2. Choose a white t-shirt over a colored one

3. Don’t print all over the t-shirt and keep your messaging crisp and short

4. Avoid rushing your order and choose a normal delivery time

5. Choose items that are in stock

6. Choose lesser colors and greater quantity

Once you follow these steps and keep a steady head, finding the right custom t-shirt printer will be easy as wearing a t-shirt. If you are in Singapore then it would worth your while to check out Provision Print ( for its custom tees and printing methods.

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