Digital Marketing Trends in Ecommerce

Businesses now know that the digital world is where their consumers are, and they want to tap into that potential through ecommerce digital marketing.

So how does an ecommerce business get the edge to perform above their competition? The best way to do this is to get the services of a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne or elsewhere, who can help them earn the benefits offered by digital marketing. If you are looking to get the services of a Google Shopping Agency, it is always advisable that you get one who is a Google Premier Partner.

What are the current trends in ecommerce digital marketing?

Endorsements & Referrals – These, especially by influencers, goes a long way when it comes to the buying decisions of consumers. Plus, any lead generation agency will tell you that people trust the referrals made by their friends and family, rather than those of strangers. This is especially true when it comes to certain industries, such as real estate

Native Advertising – Native ads are very successful in converting visitors to buyers, and are more in line with advertorials rather than ads. As any good Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne or elsewhere will advise, the current trend relies more on videos, and people tend to accept video ads more positively because they know they have more control over whether they want to see it or not.

Social Shopping – The power of social media is very strong when it comes to digital marketing, and more so now with social shopping on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It is an easy way for shoppers to buy what they want and then show it off to their friends as well. Social media is a place where people spend a lot of their time, so this trend is not something to be ignored, according to experts in ecommerce digital marketing.

Retargeting – Retargeting is a great way of reaching out to customers who visited your ecommerce site but didn’t actually convert to a sale. You can display ads to them showing the same products they searched for on the site to rekindle that interest. According to professional Google Shopping in Melbourne, retargeting is a great way of getting more conversions.

Personalisation – People like getting noticed and getting attention, which is why personalisation is a great tool to use in ecommerce digital marketing in Melbourne. Personalised emails, giving consumers product recommendations and targeting ads according to people’s preferences are all part of personalisation used by any Digital Marketing Agency.

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