Design Tips for Finding the Right Curtains to Match Your Style

When looking for blinds and shutters in Sydney, curtains are still a great choice, and a very popular one, not to mention easy on the budget. With curtains, you can experiment with a range of colours, styles and prints, as there are so many options you can go for. Mixing and matching colours and fabrics when deciding on curtains in Sydney are also a great design option.

So what do you need to consider when buying curtains in Sydney?

Budget – Your budget allocation for your blinds and shutters in Sydney is very important. Ready-made curtains in Sydney will cost you far less than custom-made ones, however what you select will also depend on the type and size of the window. If you have unusually sized windows, then you will have no option but to go for custom made curtains in Sydney even at the higher price.

Fabric & Thickness – You can go with so many different fabric and thickness options when it comes to curtains in Sydney. There are sheer fabrics, lined, opaque and even block out fabrics. Before selecting the fabric type decide on what your requirement is. While opaque fabrics are great at filtering light and providing a reasonable amount of privacy, lined and black out fabric curtains provide maximum privacy and insulation.

Options – The design options are far and wide for curtains in terms of fabrics, prints, colours, the list is endless. So first check out online what kind of style appeals to you before you make that choice.

Drapery Header – The drapery header needs to suit the style of the room, you can select from casual styles to elegant and more formal headers.

Length – If you need unusual length curtains, then its best to go for custom-made curtains in Sydney rather than ready-made ones which only come in 3-4 standard lengths.

Colour – When selecting a colour for your curtains in Sydney, ensure that you select a colour that complements the existing colour theme of the room or go for neutral colours such as whites, beige, greys or black.

Drape – the modern trend is to have your curtains about one inch above floor level, however, if you are going for an elegant stylish look, then the drape needs to drag on the floor a bit.

Prints – If you fancy getting printed curtains in Sydney, make sure the print design and colours integrate well with the existing décor of the room.

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