The Most Expensive Teas on the Planet

Would you want to take a swig of luscious rich tea to relish every morning and evening? Well the answer is right here. Ceylon Tea is known to have the best Tea in the world that is being consumed by the Queen of England as well. The tea exporters in Sri Lanka are devoted in delivering the finest tea in the world in order to provide a truly Sri Lankan experience to its consumers.

Ceylon tea is processed in the highlands of Sri Lanka made out of dried and refined leaves of the tea plants. The Tea exporters in Sri Lanka guarantees that the tea tastes extremely leafy, solid and consists of a slightly sweet flavor. Moreover, it is one of the wealthiest sources of antioxidant that enhances the immunity and health of the heart.

Ceylon tea is considered to one of the most expensive teas in the world. The British Colonials are identified as the pioneers of the tea industry in Sri Lanka that later gained fame as the world’s largest tea exporter for luxurious tea. 

Tea exporters in Sri Lanka indicate a greater pride in obtaining a significant number of shares in the global tea market. Ceylon tea is being exported across the globe to many countries such as the Middle East, US, UK, China, Australia, Japan etc.

With the natural geographical location in Sri Lanka and the commonly differing climatic conditions, Ceylon tea Sri Lanka offers an extensive range of teas, each kind with its unique strengths, flavor and fragrance from subtle to robust. A diverse range of divine tea is available such as Ice tea, black tea, sours up – loose tea and green tea.

If you want to reminisce the flavor of the richest tea in the world, Ceylon tea will be the wisest option.

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