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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - 12:24:29
Need of a Criminal Lawyer when accused of a Criminal Crime
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Criminal Lawyers, also known as Criminal Defence Lawyers, can represent and protect their clients who may be individuals, organizations, and entities from the accusation from Criminal cases.
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Criminal law can be defined as a system of laws concerned with the punishment of individuals who commit crimes. There are two types of Criminal Laws, viz., Misdemeanors and Felonies. The crimes like  Reckless driving, Prostitution, Possession of Drugs for the first time, Petty Theft, etc., go under Misdemeanors, which are less serious charges compared to more serious Felonies. Felonies crimes include crimes like Kidnapping, Murder, Rape,  Robbery, Fraud practices, Possession of illegal drugs, etc. If you are found guilty, Misdemeanors crime charges can end in a year of imprisonment or a fine whereas Felonies crimes can result in prison for years or the death penalty. Criminal Lawyers, also known as Criminal Defence Lawyers, can represent and protect their clients who may be individuals, organizations, and entities from the accusation from Criminal cases. They can defend their client on the grounds such as Inadequate proof or Inability to prove by the prosecutor,  Self Defense, for the defense of the Property or Other people, Mistake of the Law or the effect or charge of the situation, Intoxication, etc. Hence, it’s always advisable to appoint a Criminal Lawyer or Criminal Attorney as soon as the incident takes place even before approaching cops so that the ruining of records can be prevented.

The Lawyer does enormous work for the defense of the client like Investigate about the case; interview the witnesses; research and study the Laws, criminal codes and procedural law; bring out defense strategy; negotiate for lesser charges with the prosecution, etc. Thus, hiring an experienced and capable Criminal Attorney or Criminal Lawyer would help in avoiding the complexities of Criminal Law.  

Following are some of the main steps taken by the Criminal Lawyer for their client: 

  • Learning the case: The Criminal Attorney has a session with their client to understand all about the case in detail. This would help him to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the case, which would, in turn, help him develop a defense strategy. 

  • Investigating the case: To develop a defense strategy for the client, the Attorney can investigate more into the case which includes questioning the cops and collecting information from the witnesses of the case. The criminal defense lawyer can review the prosecution’s case before submitting it to the jury, to get to know more about the possibility of getting evidence and to find the loopholes. 

  • Scrutiny of Evidence: The evidence against a criminal defendant, if any,  will be carefully examined and the legal theories of the case against the client will be studied carefully. 

  • Frequent interactions with the client: The Criminal Attorney will conduct frequent confidential interactions with the client to make the client understand more about the case and its consequences. 

  • Selection of Jury: The Criminal Lawyer can help in the selection of the jury to avoid any bias judgments.

  • Plea Bargaining: Negotiating with the prosecutor will be done by the Criminal Lawyer to get a fair deal for his or her client to get less punishment if found guilty.  

  • Participation in Trial: The Criminal Lawyer can participate in the trial with his or her client and can convince the jury that proof submitted by the prosecutor is not adequate by examining and cross-examining the witness.   

  • Convincing Judge or Jury through discussions:  If the client has accepted or is convicted of the plea bargain, then the lawyer can represent the client and can discuss and convince the judge or jury for possible alternatives for limiting the time spent in incarceration.

The following are the main factors to be considered while selecting a Criminal Attorney: accessibility, the number of years of experience and knowledge, cost and accessibility.  

The number of years of experience and knowledge: The reputed Benson Firm at Paragould in Arkansas, has 24 years of experience in handling various criminal, family law, and personal injury cases. The main principle Attorney is King Benson, who has received a Doctorate from the University of Arkansas, after graduating from Arkansas State University in Criminology. 

Cost: Benson Law does not charge for the initial consultation. If the client decides that Benson firm as their Criminal Attorney then, the charges will be a Flat fee or Retainer fee. Flat fees are mainly for a misdemeanor where as retainer fee is usually required if the client is charged with or are being investigated for a felony. 

Accessibility: The Criminal Attorney needs to be available for the clients. By contacting Benson firm, one can fix an appointment and get professional help. Benson has its main clients from the Arkansas countries of Greene, Craighead, Clay, Mississippi, Poinsett, Crittenden, Lawrence, Sharp, and Randolph. 

Share this article with your colleagues, friends, and relatives who might require professional help! Visit https://www.bensonlaw.net/ to know more about Benson Law or call (870) 236-1414, to get a free consultation from Benson Law Firm! 

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