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Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 20:55:32
Some Common Mattress Myths
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When buying a new mattress, we consider a lot of factors like durability, comfort, and texture. Considering the prices from brand to brand, types, and materials used, the mattress market is flooded with options.
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We will explore the common myths flying around for mattresses, how far is it true? When buying a new mattress, we consider a lot of factors like durability, comfort, and texture. Considering the prices from brand to brand, types, and materials used, the mattress market is flooded with options. Purchasing a mattress is a tedious job as mattresses have different types like innerspring, latex, natural made which are largely available in the market. From the long list of mattress types, finding the best fit for you among all the brands and products is a real task which quite often leads to confusion. 

It is important to have information on a mattress online as the lifetime of a mattress may be up to 10 years. Exploring some existing myths about mattress may help you to break some wrong notions which may give you some fresh feel and look about buying a new mattress.

Same mattress suits all people.

One size fits all is not possible when buying a mattress as per industry specialists. Mattresses of different types and sizes are not of the same feel and comfort for everyone. It differs from one person to another. When shopping for a mattress, find out what feel of mattress would be ideal for you.

Buy mattress brands in advertisements.

People know about mattress brands through frequent advertisements in the media. This is simply adopted by almost all the mattress shops to get maximum sales and revenue. A consumer is a person who has to consider what makes a high-quality new mattress stand out from the rest? Whether it varies in material, construction, comfort, rating, or just price. Buying a mattress on seeing an advertisement doesn't mean that you have bought the best one. A healthy and holistic mattress is increasingly important for the well-being of your entire family as sleep and health go hand in hand.ttvfGCRPsaWa4x2OxZEV6yBm3wPaAv1shqZrYDwYKD3oSOFhBPG_h-dn6r0nom5m1f2TFmrKKJO0O_pMKWVDICiO0Wd1yfyg5JBmc9sXGXvoqMgB3CzBDYpX3RNBm5dx0WN2ufgg


All mattresses are the same.

Every mattress manufacturer makes its products using different materials, varied fillings, etc and therefore none of them can be mentioned as same. All mattresses may look very similar, but the comfort is unique for each. The needs of each person for a mattress may also differ according to their lifestyle. Age, physical conditions, climatic conditions are all factors considered for the making of a mattress and thus each type has some of the other features added to it. 

A mattress for a lifetime.

It is recommended to replace your mattress in every 8-10 years, depending on comfort and support. Sleep specialists also back this up, but the true life of a mattress depends on several factors.

First and foremost, it depends on how well you care for your mattress, in your daily life. Life of a mattress is dependent on whether you use a mattress cover over it, how often you rotate or flip your mattress and the ingredients that are used to fill the mattress, etc. It is known that foam made mattresses don’t have a long lifecycle. You will know the time to buy a new mattress based on how you feel when you wake up after a good amount of sleep.

Firm mattress for back support.

That being said, the back problems don’t go away with a firm mattress. Your preference should be for the mattress which supports your spine health and effectively removes your back health issues. A mattress is the one that should support the natural curves of the spine when lying horizontally. Moreover, prefer to buy a mattress that supports the whole body in a neutral way is mostly best for the health of your spine. As it may be comfortable enough to overcome the pressure on lying down on a balanced mattress. Choose the one that relaxes your muscles, encourages better sleep, and even improves your posture.

Just a sleep will give you the feel of the best mattress.

Almost thirty days are needed for a person to adjust to a new mattress, which is the theory propounded by researchers. Because the mattresses will change within this time to contour slightly to your body. It is found that people start getting comfortable with a new mattress in a week or two after buying it and then by a month a complete comfort level is achieved. Your muscles will be relaxed on a mattress for over 8 hours a day to make you feel comfortable physically.

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