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Monday, May 20, 2019 - 13:52:34
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Check Out Inflatable Float Tube for Funny & Safe Way to Enjoy Water Sports
Friday, March 15, 2019 · 05:38:43 · Hits: 20 · Reviews: 0
Inflatable Float Tube is the funny and safe way to enjoy water sports as it is fun, compact and ease to carry on the water.
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How about fishing safely with the float tubes? Jelloon is your smart resource to look for Fishing with a float tube that can provide access to places that were impossible to reach from shore. You can learn about float tubes: the most important features, the best accessories, safety concerns, and which the best brands at Jelloon.com.au are.

Inflatable Float Tube is the funny and safe way to enjoy water sports as it is fun, compact and ease to carry on the water. At a recently announced Sale Jelloon offers products that include:

  • JB101-E Personal Inflatable Floater Aid Tube

Sale price$69 Regular price $80

  • JB101-MS Personal Inflatable Floater Aid Pack

Sale price$139 Regular price $160

Torpedo Rescue Float Buoy


  • Spares of JB101-MS Trigger Handle Torpedo Buoy

Sale price$12 Regular price $18

Inflatable Fishing Float Tube from Jelloon are the answers to modern, light-weight float tubes that make it easy to reach places on lakes and ponds. Whether it's working a shoreline congested with brush or pushing out to deeper sections of a lake, the float tube can make fishing a lot more successful and considerably more comfortable. Float tubes that are light weight can easily be packed into remote lakes where any other watercraft would be impractical.

The important features of Inflatable River Float Tube include - 2 years warranty, ideal for open water swimming, triathlon, water fitness training, and seaside play, waterside rock climbing, rafting, and fishing. It is a longer tube design for better balancing in water, made of high strength materials. It provides higher levels of safety performance than comparable inflatable devices for water activities. It is easy to operate, as well easy to blow up and inflates in seconds.

About Jelloon

The company was created and set up by an experienced mechanical engineer, Mason, who had an accident while swimming off a beautiful beach on the Gold Coast. Suddenly, Mason found himself being dragged into the ocean by a strong tide and was floundering. He was very fortunate to have been saved by a lifeguard.

That experience inspired him to strive to find the best solutions and adopt only high quality materials for all Jelloon products.

Jelloon is for people who enjoy water activities such as boating, fishing, open water swimming, SUP, surfing, and so on. Always Safe!

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