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Stock market a way to become Richard
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Investing in stocks is a great way to make more in little time and efforts. With right approach and timing, even a meager stock investment can put you on the track of earning millions. But the stock market road is very slippery and there are many ifs and buts in stock investment.


Here’re 7 proven tips to earn from stock investments


1# Focus on high holdings


Research the market to find the equities that steadily growing as you can plan to stick with those holdings. Investing in these securities would make your money grow by leaps and bounds.


2# Buy and short sell


Sell your stock whenever the time is opportune and it could be just after buying the equities. It is called short selling and it could be quite beneficial. There is little need to hold the equities for a long time hoping a bull market when you can make quick profit by short selling.


3# Overcome your losses


Stock investment is risky business and if you aren’t ready to manage losses, you won’t be able to make quick money. Whenever you have a loss, you should cut it with profit and move forward. Just like you are waiting for right time to make profit, you should anticipate losses and try avoiding big losses.


4# Quit when you need


In the stock market, earning is never consistent. If you see profit, you should make it and quit. You won’t get the benefit until you make profit and the only way to make a profit is to sell the holdings when you think it is the right time.


5# Look for new technology


If you can embrace the latest technology, you can easily grow with the stock market. There are businesses that are companies of the future. Study the business models of future and their technology to take advantage of their growth.


6# Don’t believe on words but work


In the stock market, words come cheap. Every day new promises are made and resolutions passed only to throw them in dustbin. Investing in a business on its words could be detrimental to your investment. It is better you choose your stock on action and performance.


7# Diversifying stocks doesn’t work anymore


It is said that investors should diversify their investments and use leverage but it isn’t the way successful investors make millions. Investing in one or two stocks and keep your investment affordable like 30% of your assets would be a great start.


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