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How to Fix HP LaserJet Pro Printer Error E8?
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The Hp LaserJet printer refers to the brand name recognizes the line of the dry electrophotographic laser printers which is developed by the Hewlett-Packard. However, HP is the first leading desktop laser printer company across the world.
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The Hp LaserJet printer refers to the brand name recognizes the line of the dry electrophotographic laser printers which is developed by the Hewlett-Packard. However, HP is the first leading desktop laser printer company across the world. But sometimes working with it many users are experiencing the same error code E8. The Error Code E8 is the light error which indicated that there is some issue with your scanner carriage. Whenever your carriage movements interrupted, the HP LaserJet printer automatically throws the error code E8 light on your screen.

Source:- Hp Printer Support

This error E8 might be caused due to some software related issue, breaks in the connection of scanner motor, or at times, the issue in the motor is the reason. Therefore, this E8 error can also be occurred due to deterioration of the parts of the printers or accrual of the dirt on the susceptible mechanical arms and rubber rollers. Mostly, cleaning and dusting the printer help you in resolving the error E8. Below we provide you with few effective ways for troubleshooting the error code E8. Somehow these steps can be time is taken and more difficult, if you apply the following instruction in the correct sequence, you shall resolve the problem without facing any issue. The steps are mentioned below.

Effective Ways to Troubleshoot HP LaserJet Pro Printer Error E8

One of the best and effective way to troubleshoot the HP LaserJet Printer error E8 is to do proper cleaning and time to time maintenance of your printer, to prevent the printer from dust regularly maintain and clean it. Alongside, below we provide you with the exact way of how to clean and maintain printer and fix this error code E8. Here how to do it:

Before going with the instructions, keeping few things in a place is more important and things which you needed while troubleshooting is user manual, screwdriver, clean lint-free cloth and liquid cleaner of good quality.

  1. Carefully open the top lid of the HP LaserJet Pro printer.

  2. Also, detach the inner cover of the printer.

  3. After that, eradicate the lock of the ink cartridge lever and carefully pull it out of the printer.

  4. Find the printer roller and remove the clips to take it out of the holder easily.

  5. Next, wet the clean lint-free cloth in the liquid cleaner and apply it to the printer rollers to clean it and leave for dry

  6. Wait until it dry; again place the rollers back to their place in the printer.

  7. Subsequently, you should rotate the printers towards its sideways and detach the nuts using the screwdriver to take out the black printer roller form the device.

  8. Clean it by using the same procedure and leave it until dry.

  9. Again put it back in the original place of this roller in the printer and close all the sideways with the help of nuts and screwdrivers.

  10. Then, launch the scanner cover and after launching it, search for the driver gears.

  11. Carefully apply some oil in the gear driver for their smoothness.

  12. Properly close the printer by setting all the nuts and connect it to the Power supply.

  13. Switch on the device and check for the error E8 is resolved.

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